Blu-ray Players and the Internet

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A Blu-ray Player capable of connecting to your Home Network or Internet connection is no longer a fun little side feature. It is quickly becoming a must have feature for any Blu-ray player. Most of the new models will either be equipped with an Ethernet port or have Wi-Fi capability. Allowing your Blu-ray Player to be connected to your home network. Once connected, the Blu-ray Player will provide you with easy access to firmware updates, an ever growing amount of BD-Live material, and depending on your Blu-ray Player; access to online streaming content such as Netflix, and YouTube.

Firmware: Firmware simply put is a computer program that is embedded into the Blu-ray Player. Manufactures are constantly updating their firmware. Allowing the Blu-ray Player to acquire new features and functions or fixing any problems. So you can see how this is very important, and why you would want to update your Blu-ray Player whenever possible with new Firmware. The easiest way to accomplish this is to directly download the firmware to the Blu-ray Player via the internet. Having your Blu-ray Player connected to the internet will provide automatic firmware upgrades.

BD-Live Content: More and more movie studios are providing a greater amount of BD-Live content with their Blu-ray Movie releases. Content that can only be access if your Blu-ray Player has an internet connection. You can get updated trailers, recent videos after the movie has been released, and online chat rooms. BD-Live is bringing the World Wide Web to your Home Entertainment experience in a new and exciting way.

Streaming Services: Having your Blu-ray Player connected to the internet will allow you to download or stream various High Definition online media. Depending on which Blu-ray Player you have, leading content providers such as Netflix, Amazon On Demand, YouTube, Vudu and many more can be easily accessed. Another advantage of having a Blu-ray Player connected to your Home Network is to bridge the gap between your computer to your television. Programs such as Tversity and Vuze will use your Blu-ray Player to stream video and pictures located on your computer directly to your television set.

Making the Blu-ray Player a part of your Home Network will grant you easy and quick access to Firmware upgrades, BD-Live content and online streaming media. And the possibilities for the future seem endless as the Blu-ray Player is the device that will bring your Home Entertainment experience to new levels.

write by Hubert

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