Barney Toys – A New Breed of Dinosaur Toys

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Dinosaurs are more often than not depicted as big, scary-looking creatures with huge jaws, sharp teeth and a thunderous roar. Almost all movies and shows and toys equate these creatures to monstrosity. That did not make it any less appealing to kids. They absolutely love playing and imagining being in a land filled with the huge, scary dinosaurs.

But then in 1987, Barney was born. A cute and cuddly purple and green dinosaur who loves eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And milk. It doesn’t come as a surprise why kids get attracted to such an endearing and sweet character.

The real sweet deal is aside from kids being able to watch Barney on television; Barney toys are now available in all leading toy stores, in all parts of the world.

The Barney toys range from big plush stuffed toys to little miniature Barneys that are equally soft and plush, ready to be loved and cuddled by newborns. Some of them can even laugh and talk and sing at the push of a button.

The Barney and Friends toys have become so successful that apart from the plush stuffed toys, there are even Barney online games now.

Kids just absolutely adore their Barney toys. Someone as young as a two-year-old already has the sense of being completely adamant by deciding she won’t sleep without her Barney toy beside her.

It makes you wonder what these kids see in their Barney toys… how come they absolutely adore them. How come they can’t put them down? How come after they’ve outgrown stuffed toys, they still have to go through playing online games involving the purple dinosaur?

But then again, if kids can actually fall in love with the real scary-looking dinosaurs that bite and roar and frighten everyone, then I can absolutely understand and even support that they adore the sandwich-fruits-and-vegetables-eating purple and green creature, who can sing and laugh and make all things cuddly and happy.

write by Curtis

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