Are There Jobs in Entertainment For You?

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Today you’ll find that there are many jobs in entertainment available. Although you don’t often think about it, some of the top jobs are behind the scenes today. More than likely you know about some of the more common entertainment jobs, such as singers and actors, but when it comes to the entertainment industry, there are many other jobs available. Here’s a look at some of the great jobs in entertainment that you may want to consider for your future.

Screen Writer

First of all is a screen writer. They write scripts for the radio, films, television, and even plays. When you watch a movie or a play, remember that someone had to write that. If you decide on a career as a screen writer, you’ll have the ability to reach thousands or even millions with the words you write.

Theater Consultant

Another career option in the entertainment industry is a theater consultant. Essentially these consultants aid design teams and architects when they are building auditoriums for theater. You give advice on lighting, seating, and even stage design.


A publicist is an important person in the entertainment field. Publicists work to get media coverage for musicians, actors, and other entertainment performers. This includes talking to reporters and more. It allows you to enjoy spending time with publications and even people who are famous.

Stunt Person

In the movies, most of the time actors don’t do their stunts, which is where a good stunt person comes into play. Those car chases and amazing leaps done in movies are usually done by a stunt person. However, you’ll have more options than working on movies. There are opportunities for a stunt person in television shows, in plays, and even in operas as well.


When it comes to jobs in entertainment, another option you have in the business is the job of a critic. Critics take the time to do reviews on plays, music, and even movies. They listen and watch these performances and then critique them for blogs, television shows, magazines, newspapers, and even online


Makeup Artist

Someone has to be behind the scenes making actors and actresses look great. This is the job of the makeup artist. Sometimes you may be giving an actor a look that is totally flawless, while in other cases you may be pulling off a more freaky look. Essentially it allows you to be an artist on humans, and the job is definitely a lucrative one if you are good at the job.


Cinematographers work right along with film directors to come up with the way a scene or movie is going to look. The film, cameras, lenses, and tools are all chosen to provide the look that you want. You also spend time working with the crew in order to make sure every scene gives you the look you want. It allows you to get creative with the cameras to help creative a work of art.

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