An Ode To Speakers

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Speakers may not be something that you give much thought to, but they deserve a lot of appreciation. They play a big part in our everyday lives and we could not live without them.

Take a moment to think about entertainment. We could not watch television without them. Movies would still be silent and our favorite TV shows would have to rely on overacting to get the point across.

Going to an action flick at the movie theater would be pretty lame when you cannot hear and feel the explosions coming from the big theater speakers. You might as well stay at home.

If there were no speakers, music concerts would not be the same either. Imagine going to a Rolling Stones concert without the speakers blaring. You would have to be really close to the stage to hear anything.

Going to a classic music concert might be fine, but try getting that beautiful music at home without speakers. We would be stuck at home, singing to ourselves. That is a scary thought, especially if you sing like me.

What else would be affected? How about getting to work on time. You would be forced to use roosters or wind up clocks with bells. That would make things a whole lot harder.

You could not make phone calls without speakers. Your ringer would not work and your voice would not come through on the other end. What would we use to communicate then? Smoke signals?

Having an iPod and earbuds are a great excuse to ignore people on the bus, plane or train. What if you actually had to talk to those people? They can also make a long trip more bearable by giving you the ability to listen to music or your favorite audio book. This makes the time pass more quickly.

Think for a moment about police officers. You may be wondering what that is all about, but what if they did not have speakers on their cars or megaphones? They would not be able communicate with crowds or negotiate with bank robbers. They would not have sirens either and would not be able to get through traffic.

Speaking of sirens, ambulances would not have sirens either. People would die because they could not get to the hospital in time. In this case, speakers save people’s lives.

The final speaker that I want to honor is the PA speaker. Think about how many great speeches have boomed from these speakers. People were moved, took action, fought wars and were inspired to create great things.

Speakers are one of the greatest inventions of all time. Would you agree?

write by Genevieve

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