A Review of The Invasion Movie

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I began watching the Invasion movie with the thought that it was going to be a boring movie. What is so interesting about seeing aliens transforming humans into similar looking humans? Nonetheless the transformation process is quite grotesque. Carol Bennell’s (Nicole Kidman) ex-husband, Tucker Kaufman (Jeremy Northam) become infected with the alien virus & suddenly wants to reconcile with his estranged son, Oliver (Jackson Bond). The sudden strange situation confounded me too.

Nicole Kidman’s physique looks good as usual & could be one of the most pretty looking single mothers on the silver screen. Daniel Craig co-stars as Doctor Ben Driscoll, who falls in love with Carol (Nicole Kidman) but she declines & wants them to stay only as best friends. So, any of you expecting lucid sex scenes between the two in the Invasion movie should look elsewhere at other movies. One day she finds many people on her way to work looking “zoned out” like zombies in the Invasion movie & really start to worry about her son.

Carol (Nicole Kidman) inadvertently fall asleep in the store after being chased by the alien controlled human beings. The alien transformation begins in her but only in the very early stages. Her son, Oliver administers a life saving adrenaline injection into her heart & she immediately becomes awake. Similarly, the Invasion movie needs an injection of more prominent alien presence that looks not like humans to propel the Invasion movie into the higher echelons of science fiction movies.

With the likes of Nicole Kidman & Daniel Craig in the movie, one has to wonder why such top celebrities act in the movie. Their appearance in the Invasion movie shall have your intellect used against you to find something that is actually worth watching in the Invasion movie. The Invasion movie is banking on its Stars rather than content.

In other words, the movie S**KS as a science fiction movie! Typical chase scenes with corresponding background music & good cinematography make the Invasion movie only bearable to watch as the notion of human looking aliens is too bland. Also, her mobile phone, courtesy of the Finnish communications company can amazingly last very long on a single battery in the Invasion movie.

Many dogs become killed & end up in the rubbish bin outside houses & probably more as it is coherent with the storyline. The SPCA (Society Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) should have a say into the matter. Lol. I believe no amount of creative mixing of scenes can make the Invasion movie better in terms of virtually absent special effects value. I suspect that the director was hoping for the storyline to be intellectually stimulating enough to warrant the lack of alien special effects. Then again, there was probably no budget for it either.

The intelligent aliens try to reason to her about building a better world with no wars, rape, famine, starvation, the whole nine yards & etc. Yet they mention that the humans immune to the alien virus must be discarded. What a load of hypocrisy from the aliens in the Invasion movie. There was a fair share of hypocrisy coming from Carol (Nicole Kidman) too. She shot the alien controlled humans in cold blood & probably killed them but decides to shoot Ben only in the leg because he is her best friend & potential lover.

From watching the Invasion movie, it certainly is a fortunate thing to not know Carol (Nicole Kidman) on a personal level. People like her might shoot you (could you be under alien control) without remorse. Beware of trigger happy pretty single mothers! At least she could have shot the poor, helpless, alien controlled people in the leg too like Ben! Dead human bodies do not have a chance to be cured of the alien virus when a vaccine is successfully made & administered.

Nicole Kidman’s character, Carol should be imprisoned & Oliver placed under protective custody. I hope Carol, the murderer, can not sleep at night, worrying about the alien controlled humans that she killed who could have been healed after being administered the vaccine. After all, while being controlled by the aliens, the humans were actually only in a state of sleep. I hope the sequel of the Invasion movie offer more realistic looking aliens, & of course the story of Carol in prison for committing the murders would be interesting too.

write by Tryphena

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