A Goofy Movie – A Time in the Lives of Max and Goofy

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Released in 1995 as a joint project between Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista Productions, A Goofy Movie is an animation feature about Goofy and Max. This father and son tandem is a spin off from the Disney characters in the television series Goof Troop. Goofy, however, dates back a bit farther, being one of Disney’s original characters alongside Mickey and Donald in the 1930s.

But unlike his contemporaries who portray uncle roles, he is the only one to play the character of a single parent. Max, meanwhile, having made his debut as a kid in the said series, now reprises his role in the movie as a teenager.

With his eyes set on Roxanne’s affections, the story starts with Max having the resolve to do away with his goofy image. In doing so, however, he goes overboard when he takes center stage in the middle of a speech to the student body. Taking the limelight from Principal Mazur, together with his friends he performs the Powerline hit “Stand Out”. Though his identity is initially concealed, he is eventually unmasked when he trips during the performance. Nevertheless his stint is a success since the audience extremely enjoys the number.

As expected, the incident incurs the school administrator’s ire and Principal Mazur is quick in telling Goofy off about Max’s mischief. For fear of the consequences, Goofy decides to take his son away to Idaho for a fishing trip. Reminiscent of another similar excursion with his dad when he was Max’s age, Goofy’s excitement is one-sided though. After his impressive act in the school auditorium, Max got Roxanne’s attention and was able to seal a date with her. Now with him about to be on the road, he can not get the thought out of his mind that she might go out with someone else instead. In his desperate attempt to further show off, he prevaricates by telling her that he will be onstage in LA with no less than Powerline! Roxanne believes and promises to watch out for him.

Finding himself in even deeper trouble, Max unwillingly joins his dad in their fishing escapade. Forced to camp in the car, chased after by Big Foot topped by lost keys, the trip turns from one misadventure into another. But in all these Max never forgets LA so the next chance he gets, he alters the map towards that destination. Goofy finds out about his son’s annoying action and understandably gets angry. In the midst of this disagreement, another perilous situation awaits the two.

Will father and son end up in one piece? Will Max get the girl? Go see the movie and check it out!

write by Elysia

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