9 Things You Need To Know About Superhero Movies

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Action movies are all the rage these days. From Spider man to Batman and all the various characters in between, Americans love themselves some action movies. The latest trend of taking plots and heroes from long standing comic book series, has given the genre new life and allowed for a whole universe of characters and stories. Many of these stories interlock and cross paths allowing for prequels, sequels, and even storylines that are happening in concurrence with others. Here are 9 things you need to know about superhero movies.

1. They are fun

Everyone enjoys a good action film. They are fun, full of action, high adrenaline, and the good ones can even be simultaneously scary and uplifting, humorous and dramatic, sad and yet hopeful. Taking from the style of comic books, these films are full of intense shots and creative shooting techniques- not to mention special effects.

2. They contain multiple plots

Before you watch one of these movies, be aware that there may be multiple plots interwoven into the main storyline. It is not uncommon for directors to assume you have some background information on the characters based on the comic book series and to interweave stories that can sometimes become their own movies themselves.

3. They are based off comics

The current movies with extra special characters are usually based of off popular comic book series. Many filmgoers have been waiting years to see adaptations of their favorite character and heroes on the big screen. It makes the movies more exciting when various cast members play certain roles as well.

4. They contain themes

Just because a film is full of action, doesn’t mean they don’t have plenty of themes. A good action flick will contain multiple ones and touch on some of the deep universal meanings of the human condition. Themes from old Greek mythologies and even Shakespearean-like plots will delight even the most critical of film watchers.

5. They speak to the current social climate

Often the best movies speak and comment on the current social climate and state of society. Some movies touch on political struggles, others on human rights, and yet some simply speak to a universal call for peace and positivity.

6. They contain political messages

If a movie is commenting on social issues through its storylines and plot, it is often times difficult to separate that from political messages. Usually there are deep underlying messages and themes that could be political.

7. They make great date night movies

On a lighter note, action films make amazing date night movies. Because of all the aforementioned reasons, a film like this will stimulate conversation and philosophical questions while also entertaining you in the moment.

8. They come in all genres

Not all movies are made the same. Just as there are a huge variety of genres, the same goes for movies based on comic books. Some are flat out humorous, others are dark, and some maybe full of drama and comedy. There really is something for everyone.

9. They tend to have sequels

The long overarching storylines and the interweaving of plots and backstories allow for many films to be made. This can be an amazing experience for fans as long as the movies are done well and stick to the true feel of their source material.

Consider an action movie for you next date or relaxing weekend activity.

write by Bernice

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