7 Similarities Between Dr. Gregory House and Sherlock Holmes

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For many fans of the show House, M.D., it is easy to see the similarities between Dr. Gregory House and Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. David Shore and Paul Attanasio, the show’s creators, have even admitted to deliberating basing their main character off the detective.

To see how the creators worked their passion for Sherlock Holmes into the show, here are 7 similarities:

1. They both have similar names.

Holmes’ name is similar to the word "homes" while House’s name is simply another name for a home. Even the names of their loyal companions are similar: John Watson and James Wilson.

2. They both only have one loyal friend.

The relationship between Holmes/Watson and House/Wilson is similar in the sense that both Holmes and House are dominant personalities while Watson and Wilson are followers. In many cases, even though Holmes and House can be abusive toward their loyal friends, Watson and Wilson still remain loyal. However, both Holmes and House need their loyal friends because they often serve as the only real connection to the outside world.

3. They both reject cases that do not interest them.

Both of the main characters only take cases that interest them. They both need to be intellectually stimulated in order to take and fulfill a case (whether it is to catch a deadly criminal or to diagnose a deadly disease). They will only take cases that do not interest them if forced to take action.

4. They both treat those around them with indifference.

House and Holmes are famous for how poorly they treat those around them (House is particularly famous for his bedside manners). Although they may show interest in people during a case, they often lose interest once a case has been solved. The indifferent behavior cause those around the two main characters to view them as anti-social and arrogant.

5. They both have drug addictions.

Both of the main characters have been depicted as having had drug addictions. While House was addicted to painkillers, Holmes used cocaine for recreational purposes. However, both men used drugs to escape boredom (and House additionally used it for the pain in his leg).

6. They both have a keen sense of observation.

Both of the leading characters can learn numerous facts about a person simply by observing them. For example, House can diagnose an illness simply by observing the subtle gestures of an individual, such as a particular twitch.

7. They both have the same apartment number.

Another interesting, and obvious, fact is that House lives in apartment 221B (as it is seen in the episode entitled "Hunting"), which is also the same apartment number that Sherlock Holmes has.

Although House, M.D. aired its final season in May of 2012, it still continues to be a fan favorite as a medical drama series. With its homage to Sherlock Holmes, the series provide even more entertainment as new and old fans alike watch it again to find the Easter eggs.

write by Arianne

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