7 Facts You Need To Know Before Using "The Secret" Law of Attraction

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If you’re like me, you loved The Secret. It’s a dramatic, entertaining, and an amazing introduction to the idea that your thoughts actually create your reality. You’ve probably seen the teachers from The Secret on Oprah or Larry King Live, or maybe you just ran across the movie yourself-but once you’ve seen the movie or heard the teachers, you can begin to see brand new possibilities opening in your life.

“Imagine you have a Genie before you, ready to make your wildest wishes and desires come true…” What a wonderful thought, yes? And The Secret reveals to us that this is true-the universe is simply waiting for us like a Genie, uttering “Your wish is my command…”

Knowledge of this stunning truth gives you the power to improve your life dramatically. I greatly admire and respect the writing and opinions of the experts who appear in the movie, but I have to tell you that there is more to the story than what is being told-a whole LOT more. And you’ll need to know the rest of the story if you want to use the Secret to make real, lasting improvements in your life.

What seems like a great thing at first-a powerful genie saying, “Your wish is my command”-could become a nightmare if that power is not managed properly. If you saw the movie Bedazzled, with Brendan Frazer and Elizabeth Hurley, you know what I mean. In the movie, Brendan’s character is given seven wishes-all of which go horribly, horribly wrong. These wishes wreak havoc on his life, to the point that at the end he just wanted his old life back-the way it was. See that movie before asking too much of your personal “Genie”.

The Secret reveals that the Law of Attraction was studied in Ancient Schools and Secret Societies throughout history. This is true. People studied (and continue to study) this Law, along with many other even lesser known laws of nature, for years and years before they were able to use “The Secret” in safe and positive ways. This is not something that can be learned from 90-minute movie. The Secret is a great introduction to the Law of Attraction, and to all the wonderful teachers who speak about this Law in the film, but it does not teach you how to safely and practically employ it in your life any more than watching the Indy 500 teaches you how to safely drive a car.

The Secret tells you that you can use the Law of Attraction to get anything you want in life, by holding onto the thoughts and emotions of what you want and the things you think about will naturally come to you. This, of course, assumes that you can control your thoughts and emotions enough to hold onto thoughts and emotions that are different than the ones you habitually have. And, ay, there’s the rub. Changing the way that we normally think and feel is not as easy as it sounds. It is a skill that needs to be developed.

So, if you are interested in learning how to master the Law of Attraction to make real improvements in your life, consider the following seven additional facts:

1. We cannot control the great majority of our thoughts:

If we want to change our thoughts the first thing that we should understand is that only 10% (or less) of our thoughts are under our conscious control. The other 90% of our mental activity is governed by our Subconscious.

And what lies in our Subconscious? Whatever we were told was true when we were younger by our parents, authority figures, education, the media, etc. Add to that the fears and buried emotions that were placed into us by traumatic experiences, and our animal desires (e.g., eating, sleeping, sex, etc.) and we have a pretty good picture of what’s dominating most of our mental activity and motivations.

2. The Brain is Designed Not to Change:

The truth is, we don’t even have one brain to use to create the positive thoughts we need to hold onto in order to use the Secret– we actually have three. And the parts of our brain that run the show are actually the oldest, least developed parts.

The strongest part of our brain is called the “reptilian brain,” and it is purely interested in basic survival and reproduction instincts.

The next strongest part of our brain is the limbic system, which governs our emotional world.

These two brains have no logic and we have little conscious control over them, so they are the areas that the best advertisers target to stimulate with their marketing campaigns.

The brain that governs our conscious control is the logical cerebral cortex, which is where we would be imagining the things we want as we use the Secret. We can conceive whatever we want out of our logical minds-the cerebral cortex-but advertisers know, “the reptile always wins.”

By stimulating our reptilian and limbic brains, advertisers and propagandists can make us want things that we may not even really want from our logical, cortex-driven, mind. So, are you even sure you know what you really want?

3. Most of our wishes in life are not our own:

I know it’s hard to believe, but if the facts above are true (and modern research supports all of this), then many of our dreams and wishes are may not be really ours-they are the dreams and wishes that we received from all the sources above that have programmed and conditioned our Subconscious.

Over one-half of the companies on the Fortune 100 list are clients of Clotaire Rapaille, a man whose mission is to get products past the conscious cerebral cortex and imprint them directly into the reptilian brain. Do you think these companies would spend so much money on these tactics if they didn’t work?

It’s just that this “imprinting” or “programming” is so deep, that we believe that the thoughts are our own.

But, if we use the Law of Attraction to ask for “wishes” that are not really ours, how is that ever going to make us happy and fulfilled?

The truth is, that the first thing that was taught in the ancient schools where The Secret was studied is for the student to “Know Thyself.” In fact, this motto was written on the doorway at the entry to many of these Schools. Why was that?

Because we do not, in fact, know ourselves due to the overwhelming amount of conditioning we have all received since birth. And if we don’t in fact know ourselves, how do we know what to ask for that will make us truly happy?

Sure, more money, a house, a car, a relationship, and all of those things are great-but will the attainment of all of those things equal the attainment of happiness?

In The Secret, the teachers repeat that “you” create your reality. But which “you” are they referring to? The “you” that is the product of cultural conditioning?

Or is there a deeper, more true “you” that is buried inside you, dying to express itself? That “you,” the real “you”, will guide you to greater levels of happiness and fulfillment than you can even imagine.

Now, that’s a powerful secret.

4. We don’t control our emotions either:

In The Secret, the experts also advise us to use our “Emotional Guidance System” to keep our emotions positive so that we remain in alignment with the energy of the universe and are always attracting good things.

Now, I absolutely agree with this. It is super-important to keep yourself at a high vibrational level, which is often experienced as “positive” emotions. But, managing your emotions is probably more difficult than managing your thoughts. Most of us experience emotions as “moods,” which change on their own, without our control. Modern research has shown us that all emotions change our body chemistry, and that we actually become addicted to the chemicals that produce the emotions we habitually have.

“So, we actually become addicted to emotions,” you may be asking.

And the answer is “Yes.”

If you’ve seen The Secret, you have probably also seen What the Bleep do We Know, another excellent film on the merging of science and spirituality. If not, you should definitely go rent it soon. What the Bleep illustrates the issue of emotional addiction in a wonderfully entertaining way.

So, if we are not in control of our emotions, how do we remain in harmony with the universe?

This is another great question that the students in the ancient schools worked on for long periods of time before learning to use The Secret.

As you read each of the points in this article, can you see how there is much more to The Secret that you will need to know in order to use it effectively and wisely?

5. Staying Positive is a lot of Work

Another important thing you need to know in order to make the Law of Attraction work is that you need to remain completely positive that your desire will be fulfilled over time-until the thought becomes reality.

Remember, EVERY thought is a creation. So if you think, “I want a good relationship,” but the next day think, “But who’s going to fall in love with me,” or “but I’m too busy for a relationship,” you have just cancelled your thought-creation.

You’re probably asking, “Given everything I’ve learned from this article so far, how do I remain positive about what I want all the time?”

That’s a great question.

Knowing how to remain positive is one of the major keys to being successful using the Law of Attraction.

And that question is not answered in the movie.

6. Keep your Secret Desire Secret

Another thing to remember is that it’s not just your thoughts that create reality. Everyone’s thoughts create reality. And, everyone has a Subconscious that they do not control.

So, if you tell someone you are using The Secret to create a Ferrari, and they think, “That’ll never work,” guess what?

They have just sent a negative thought to the “Genie” about your desire. It may not be as strong as your original thought, but it will have an effect. Getting five or ten responses like that will have an even stronger effect.

It doesn’t do any good to get angry at other for their negative thoughts and emotions-we cant control that, and the anger will just make us attract more situations that will cause us anger (under the Law of Attraction).

The best way to protect our desires is to keep them secret until they have become reality.

7. Most Importantly: Nothing is for Free

The most dangerous thing about using the Law of Attraction without fully understanding the laws that govern it is this-nothing is for free. The idea of life as a magic Genie that is waiting to deliver our wishes without any payment in return goes against the fundamental principle Nature, which is balance and harmony. The Universe works on a principle of individual merit that philosopher Dario Salas Sommer calls “egalitarian equivalence.”

Other traditions have called it “karma,” or said, “you reap what you sow.”

Basically, this means that each of us has a “bank account” in the Universe. And we credit or debit our account with each act we undertake. So, when we do positive things for ourselves to create energy, or we perform selfless acts of generosity, for example, we add credits to our account. And when we unconsciously complain, impose ourselves on others, and generally act in negative ways, we debit our account.

The problem is that most of us are not aware that we even have an account in the Universe, much less know how to create credits.

And this means that if we ask our “Genie” for something that we don’t have enough credits to “purchase,” then we go into debt with the Universe.

And the Universe always collects its debts.

What we are actually doing, is asking to reap MORE than we have sown, and that is just not going to work in the long run.

We just don’t usually put these things together. Maybe we get sick, maybe we have problems in our relationships, maybe we have difficulties at work, but the Universe will balance out the “wish” that we manifested but never earned in some way.

So, before you ask your “Genie” for anything, consider if you have enough merit in the Universe. If not, you may receive many unwanted effects that will have you wanting to give that wish back one hundred times over.

write by Kerenza

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