6 Best Beach Vacation Spots

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There are a lot of vacation beach spots around the world to pick from; you can choose secluded, popular, white sand, or lava rock, and the choice is clearly up to you. However, these six spots are both relaxing and beautiful.

Keep in mind, whatever beach you choose to visit for your next vacation, be sure to have a beach wagon with you! Beach carts with big wheels make it simple to pull your supplies through deep, soft sand!

1. Miami Beach, Florida

A great spot for fashion models and movie stars, Miami Beach offers sandy beaches, restaurants, and night-long parties at one of the local night clubs. If you’re looking for the greatest place to stay, “The Tides” is a beautiful luxurious hotel with spectacular views. Miami Beach is also popular in the US, one of the best vacations in the world.

2. Madeira, Portugal

The beach located at “Reid’s Palace Hotel” is rocky with black sharp rocks. You can still swim in the oceans, or just spend time lounging by the pool taking in the views. The weather is usually pleasant, making your vacation something you’ll remember.

3. Heron Island, Australia

Heron Island beaches are located on the Great Barrier Reef, and offer great snorkeling and swimming with amazing marine life. The tropical island of Heron offers scuba divers over twenty different diving sites! Here, you can immerse yourself in wonder and forget the stresses of everyday life.

4. Polo Beach, Hawaii

The Polo Beach of Hawaii offers clear water, making it fantastic for swimming and snorkeling. It’s located in South Maui, and fronted by a luxury vacation resort known as the Fairmont Kea Lani Maui. Polo Beach is one of the greatest places to plan your next vacation!

5. Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica

The Seven Mile Beach of Negril is certainly the longest stretch of white sand in Jamaica. This beautiful place, located near Negril on the western tip of Jamaica, is definitely an awesome sight to see. You can stay at “The Caves,” which is located close to the shore, and you can find your favorite part under a coconut palm tree, and then just relax near the ocean.

6. Atlantis Paradise, Bahamas

At Atlantis Paradise, you will experience the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean. This paradise offers you long romantic walks along the shore, or the opportunity to play in the water at the resort. This fabulous place presents tropical climate with your own personal piece of heaven, something every beach lover can really appreciate!

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