3 Important Golf Lessons From the Movie Tin Cup

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If you’re a true golfer then you know the movie Tin Cup. In my opinion its one of the greatest golf movies ever made. But one thing most people don’t realize is that there are three fantastic golf swing lessons to learn from that movie.

The first lesson is that you don’t need to have a picture perfect swing to be effective. In fact, the two main characters in the movie have what I consider ugly swings. As long as the club face is meeting the ball square at impact you will have an effective swing. You don’t need to look like Fred Couples. Just be you and focus more on squaring your clubface than worrying about how you look.

The second lesson is that successful golfers check their ego at the door. Sure watching a guy self destruct on the big screen is entertaining, however, the point is that if you control your emotions and keep your ego in check you will always be better off in the long run.

The final lesson is that golf is way more mental that it is physical. If you recall when Roy got the “shanks” at the driving range he thought his life was over. Then when they got to the US Open to practice he was spraying the ball all over the range. 

It wasn’t until his caddy Romeo told him to do a bunch of silly things like; put a tee behind his ear and move the change from one pocket to the other did Roy get his swing back. Why? Because his brain wasn’t getting in the way. He was so worried about how stupid he looked that he forgot he even had the shanks.  He started smacking the ball down the middle.

While Tin Cup is awesomely entertaining it also has great golf lessons for us to learn from.

write by sanchez

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