25 Inexpensive Gifts Kids Can Give For Christmas

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Gift giving can be a daunting challenge, particularly at Christmas. Many times our youngsters want to participate in this wonderful holiday by giving presents of their own to family and friends. Unfortunately, the cost of generosity may become a bit much, especially if you are on a budget. By being a little creative and open-minded, you and your children can get through the season of giving with ease. You’ll find that many of these ideas can be made for very little and I find that the local dollar store serves me very well for accessories and gift wrapping.

Here are a few gift ideas kids can give to their loved ones that won’t break the bank.

1. Personalized Christmas ornaments, handmade or purchased and then personalized with beads, glitter, names etc

2. Gardening gloves with a mini-plant or flower seeds packet

3. Home-made holiday cookies in a holiday tin with the recipe

4. Homemade cookie mix in a jar with instructions for baking

5. Note cards or stationery, pen. Add a book of stamps if the gift is for a far away relative or pen-pal.

6. Set of dish towels, dish cloths or potholders or kitchen utensils tied with a ribbon

7. Magazines tied together with a pretty ribbon

8. Mini coffee packet (makes a full-pot) in a cup with home-made chocolate dipped spoons

9. $5.00 gift certificate for a local ice-cream parlor or coffeehouse

10. Disposable camera or rolls of film with a mini-photo album

11. Decorate an inexpensive stocking and fill it with goodies

12. A framed piece artwork created and signed by them

13. Holiday placemats with napkins and napkin holders

14. Birdseed hearts or bird seed pine cone for the nature lover or birds

15. Doggie biscuits or cat toy for a pet lover or 4-legged friends

16. A set of napkin rings or placemats

17. A couple of small candles and small bag of potpourri

18. Coupon books-your child could offer to clean their room, wash dishes, take out trash, dust furniture, water plants, mow lawn or fold clothes or even hugs and kisses. These also make great stocking stuffers.

19. A 2-3 pack condiment/oil set tied with ribbon

20. Movie night snack pack-buy a bowl, 2 bags of popcorn, 2 candy bars, 2 pops, add candies, few napkins

21. Color family snapshot-enlarge at office store, signed with best wished and framed. Great far away relatives.

22. Soup kit-get a basic dried soup kit and bread mix, add 2 soup bowls

23. Fruit basket-just buy an inexpensive basket, fruit and decorate

24. Chocolate candy bars tied w/decorative ribbon

25. Recycled books or a journal for the book reader or writer

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