21st Birthday Ideas

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As the theme queen, all my friends who are turning 21 this year wanted me to give them a few ideas to make their birthday party stand out from everyone else’s. They wanted something unique, fun and memorable so here are a couple of ideas that I came up with.


* Where

21st Birthday parties can be pretty cheap especially if you host it home in your back garden. If you do hire a hall or a club room, you must make sure there are toilets. If you do have it at home, include a big projector screening the last 21 years of your life in a mixture of movies and photos that will run continuously through the night and remove anything you don’t wish to be damaged and lock doors that should be kept shut.

* Alcohol

It’s up to you whether you provide alcohol or it’s a BYO affair. If you have a bar at a club, make sure you have a tab limit which stops when you rich it or else you’ll be left with a nasty surprise the next day. If you’re in your backyard, fill big tubs or coolers with ice to allow the alcohol to be kept cold.

* Non-alcoholic

For those not drinking alcohol, for people under aged or for people looking for something to mix with their alcohol, juices and soft drink are great and a fantastic alternative for when the tab runs dry. Buy cans of drink in bulk to avoid having lots of plastic cups everywhere and fruit juices are pretty cheap too.

* Food

If at home, have a BBQ with bread rolls and salads and plenty of finger foods. Chips, pretzels and nuts are always a winner and try and avoid foods that require cutlery. If catering, finger foods that do the rounds are great and also means less clean up with no cutlery and paper plates.


The Rubik’s Cube Party.

A Rubik’s Cube Party is a party where you have to dress up in different colours of the Rubik’s cube (red, white, yellow, green, blue, orange) and by midnight you have to have swapped with other people until you’re dressed all in one colour. It’s quite amusing seeing guys squeezing into girls’ shirts/skirts and everyone swapping shoes to get the right colour resulting in a lot of confusion. It sorta goes without saying that you don’t wear your favourite shirt unless you don’t mind losing it. Award prizes at midnight for the best dressed/sexiest dressed/worst dressed etc and make sure you take plenty of pictures!

The Masquerade Ball

Want to really dress up? Then a Masquerade Ball is perfect where everyone must wear evening attire (suits for the guys and dresses for the girls) with colourful masks. Hire a hall and decorate in one or two colours with plenty of balloons and streamers and hire a DJ that will not only play the latest stuff but also something to waltz too. Give out prizes for not only the best mask but also the best dancer, best couple, worst dressed etc.

Alice in Wonderland

Take a trip back to your childhood and into the past with all your guests dressed up as Alice in Wonderland characters. Dress up as the Mad Hatter or the Cheshire Cat and hold the party in a room decorated as a Victorian Gin room with black and white photographs and “servants” that will serve drinks and finger foods.

Pirates vs Ninjas

Either dress as a pirate or a ninja and have a face off with water balloons (best done outside) and drink “ale” “grog” and “sake.” Decorate the room with seafaring objects like pirate hats, flags and boats. For food cut up sandwiches to look like throwing stars and have a roast pig (or other joint of meat unless you’re vegetarian) rotating over a fire. Have a treasure hunt with a pot of chocolate gold to be found! YUM!

These are just 4 ideas that will hopefully help you out when planning your big day. Be creative and add your own individual spin and ENJOY YOURSELF!

Happy Birthday!

write by Jesse LaSon

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