10 Promises to My Dog

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Pets give us a lot of enjoyment, smiles, laughter, relaxation, refreshment, new meaning of life, and sense of responsibility. Any pet animal is sweet and adorable. Cats are independent and dependent at the same time. In that sense, a cat is low maintenance, but adorable. Dogs are relatively high maintenance. An owner of a dog needs to walk his dog at least twice a day. He needs to take his dog to a dog park some times. His dog barks when he is on a phone. His dog begs for his food when the owner is eating. Despite of high-maintenance feature, people love dogs.

One can find a dog is attractive because he can interact with his dog. A dog responds to its owner almost as it knows how its owner feels. When one feel depressed his dog comes to lick his fingers to cheer him up. When one feels happy, his dog barks, runs, and jumps to show the owner how happy it is. A dog listens its family’s conversation. It sometimes looks like giving its owner some advice. It gives him a help one-way or the other.

There were considerable numbers of dog movies. Many of them are good stories. 101 Dalmatians is a classic. Beethoven was very funny. K9 was terrific, too. “Marley and me” is an excellent family movie. There is a Japanese movie, which will make people cry. Its title is “10 promises to my dog”. Opening of the film catches one’s eyes and ears. It says:

“God created human beings. Next day, God found they are very vulnerable. He decided give them dogs.”

The movie released in Japanese Theaters in March 2008. This is about the relationship between a girl who lost her mother and her dog, golden retriever puppy. The girl’s mother before she died taught her girl how to build a relationship with her new puppy, “Socks”. The following is the list:

  1. Listen patiently to what I have to say.
  2. Trust me, for I am always on your side.
  3. Play with me a lot.
  4. Do not forget that I have feelings too.
  5. Let’s never fight, ‘Cause someday, I’ll be big enough to win.
  6. If I do not obey you, I have a good reason.
  7. You have school, and friends. But as for me, I only have you.
  8. Stay my best friend even when I’m old.
  9. I’ll only live about ten years; so let’s make every moment count.
  10. I’ll never forget our life together. So when my time comes, please be by my side.

They are promises with her dog. All of them, however, are beneficial for human relationship. If the reader is a dog lover, he will love it.

write by Archibald

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